Riko Ariefano is my name – just call me riko.

I am an ordinary Catholic guy with extraordinary everyday outpouring of God’s love and mercy. It is in my weaknesses that I meet with Him everyday. It is by His love and forgiveness that I learn to grow and reach the dreams of my heart.

And this is my dream: I want to inspire the world with love – with His love.

I want to encourage all young people in this planet to find out and pursue their dreams of a better world, where good overcomes evil, where kindness triumphs over hatred, and where love always – and always wins! I long to see the Church filled with young people who desire Jesus and sincerely pursue holiness in their everyday lives. I long to see young people united, and in whatever they do, they passionately spread the love of Christ, and thus create a new world!

I am married with my lovely wife – Lia, and we have our growing businesses where we work everyday. Life, work, and ministries are filled with daily challenges, but His mercy and grace are even more abundant – especially through the blessings of friends that we have. We are eternally gratefull for His love through the Catholic Church, our families, and beautiful friends around us.

In the midst of everyday love and struggle as Catholic laity, we choose to follow Jesus, to learn to love better, and to inspire the world with His love. We do this together with our big family Domus Cordis (

Join me in this mission. Young people everywhere, let’s make all things new for tomorrow and even today!

Thank you for visiting my blog, and may His joy fill your heart today!


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