Joyful Self-Giving

Some 10 days ago, my big family – Domus Cordis (DC), just had our retreat on Theology Of the Body. The retreat was entitled Destination Confirmed, and was attended by some 50 participants and around 20 DC members.

Result? Amazing, wonderful, glorious, the atmosphere was filled with God’s blessing.

A week after, which is a few days ago, DC had a gathering to follow up the retreat participants. It was held at one of our Mission Partner’s house (Petrus). We had a big big dinner and nice sharing of people’s experience.

Result? Awesome, marvelous, joyful, and inspiring!

But the best thing that God did among us throughout the 2 events, for me – it was not the annointed worship (The worship was great, but it was not the one that impressed me). It was not the food (The food was awesone and mightily abundant, but it was not the one that impressed me). It was also not the tears of repentance (God indeed touched people’s heart beautifully, but this time it was not the one that impressed me).

The thing that impressed me most this time was… the giving attitude of DC members!

Throughout the retreat and the follow up dinner, I saw God moved in very special ways through the DC team. I have been seeing and working with many teams in all my 17 years of ministries, but this team is really awesome! Everybody worked and contributed much without any grudge! This “grudelessness” is not only accompanied by happy attitude, but it was also supported by great dedication and hard work. People worked and contributed as much as they could, without “calculating” personal “loss and benefit”. People give of their time and talents unconditionally.

Toni – who led the retreat preparation, made a decision of faith to conduct the Crucifix Adoration outdoor, while it was a rainy season. That night not even a single drop of water fell from the sky. His prayer and faith made it possible for us to worship Jesus beautifully. He shared with us an awesome gift of faith.

Avi and Tasia, who led the follow-up-dinner preparation, in such a short time managed to coordinate succesfully and come up with super abundant food. And everybody was working, serving, and eating happily!

This kind of attitude only comes from the hearts that are full of God’s love. Only people overflowed with God’s love are able to share this love through service. From the abundance of the hearts shall flow the abundance of God’s love to others.

God is The Greatest Giver! He gives of His time, His love, His compassion, His ability, His attention, and even His Own Body, so that we understand what it means to love in humble service to one another. This is the miracle of love: the miracle of joyful self-giving in service for others. 

After all, love is always about being a gift for others!


Freedom & Independence

“Bahwa sesungguhnya kemerdekaan adalah hak segala bangsa, oleh sebab itu penjajahan di muka bumi harus dihapuskan, karena tidak sesuai dengan peri kemanusiaan dan peri keadilan… “(Can you imagine my friends Toni Balle and ChenHhh still remember the full version of it!!)

Hmmm… udah lama banget gue ngga ikut upacara bendera. Terakhir kayaknya around 15 years ago. Gosh…I feel old.

Last weekend was the National Independence Holiday and I went to the first DC retreat. It was simple and awesome. Fr.Deshi gave the retreat, and for me personally it was one of the best retreats I’ve ever had. Praise God. He talked about the love of Christ that invites us to rise up (free ourselves from negative attachments), take up our mat (take responsibility), and walk the life He wants (reflect and give thanks). During the retreat we watched a short clip from The Passion of Christ to remind us the meaning of The Cross and how great His love is to us.

It was not a coincidence that the retreat was held during the Independence Holiday. I believe The Spirit is inviting us all to see the higher, deeper, and wider meaning of freedom and independence. For it is only through the love of Christ embodied on The Cross of Calvary that we can experience genuine freedom and true independence.

It was Jesus who is the True Liberator. When we are truly liberated by His love, we become truly free to be fully human – just like Him.

So thank God for Indonesia’s independence, and hallellujah for The Cross of Christ’s Glorious Love!

“Ayo maju..maju.. Ayo maju..maju.. Ayo majuuuu..maju”