Freedom & Independence

“Bahwa sesungguhnya kemerdekaan adalah hak segala bangsa, oleh sebab itu penjajahan di muka bumi harus dihapuskan, karena tidak sesuai dengan peri kemanusiaan dan peri keadilan… “(Can you imagine my friends Toni Balle and ChenHhh still remember the full version of it!!)

Hmmm… udah lama banget gue ngga ikut upacara bendera. Terakhir kayaknya around 15 years ago. Gosh…I feel old.

Last weekend was the National Independence Holiday and I went to the first DC retreat. It was simple and awesome. Fr.Deshi gave the retreat, and for me personally it was one of the best retreats I’ve ever had. Praise God. He talked about the love of Christ that invites us to rise up (free ourselves from negative attachments), take up our mat (take responsibility), and walk the life He wants (reflect and give thanks). During the retreat we watched a short clip from The Passion of Christ to remind us the meaning of The Cross and how great His love is to us.

It was not a coincidence that the retreat was held during the Independence Holiday. I believe The Spirit is inviting us all to see the higher, deeper, and wider meaning of freedom and independence. For it is only through the love of Christ embodied on The Cross of Calvary that we can experience genuine freedom and true independence.

It was Jesus who is the True Liberator. When we are truly liberated by His love, we become truly free to be fully human – just like Him.

So thank God for Indonesia’s independence, and hallellujah for The Cross of Christ’s Glorious Love!

“Ayo maju..maju.. Ayo maju..maju.. Ayo majuuuu..maju”