Life is Beautiful

Life is a gift and I thank God for everything He is and everything He has done to me.

If I look back to 10-15 years ago, I realize that there has never been any moment in my life, where He left me. He has always been with me through all of my struggle and my pain. He has always been with me through all my failures and tears. Most amazingly, He has always been by my side even at the many times when I was not lovable. There were times – and I know not only a few of them – when I was not easy at all for others to love. However, during these tough moments, His love never departed. He held me even closer, and He said He loved me a million times. He proves me that there is indeed no limit to His love and mercy and goodness…

I thank Him for His unconditional love.

He teaches me that a pure gold is a precious offering unto Him, yet a heart of love is purer than gold and even more precious to His Own Heart. He teaches me that flowers tell the beauty of God’s creation, yet a lifetime of faithfulness and humility is more beautiful than the flowers of the springtime.  He teaches me that material wealth can reflect the riches of God’s abundance, yet a strong Godly character is richer than the world with all its material wealth.  

I thank Him for His Fatherly wisdom. 

Every person in this world reflects the face of Jesus. The most unloving person in this world is Jesus in disguise, inviting us to enlarge our capacity to love. The most unfavorable situation in this life is Jesus at work, encouraging us to expand our trust in Him. It is Jesus everywhere. It is love at work everywhere. And no matter what circumstances we have today, in the end love always wins. We don’t know what exactly will happen in a few years from now, or even a few minutes from now. But we do have the assurance that no matter what happens; love is always at work to make all things beautiful for us – for me.Jesus always wants to make me happy. Jesus always wants to fill me with joy – a never ending everyday joy of complete trust in Him.

I thank Him for His everyday grace.

He placed dreams in my heart, and He fulfills them one by one. He does not pour down events and situation from heaven, but He invites us to take part in His saving work of love. He showers us with divine grace from above, and allows us to undergo struggle and even failures. He accompanies us with His everyday strength and consolation to make our dreams come true. At the end of the day, it is not only the dreams that materialize, but the heart – the wounded and broken heart – has become full of wisdom and compassion. A heart just like His very own Heart.

I thank Him for life passion and dreams.

His love, His mercy, His forgiveness, His peace, His joy… they fill my heart to overflow.

His desires, His words, His promises, His smiles, His laughter… they fill my passion days and nights.

His protection, His blessings, His affirmation, His abundance, His trust in me… they fill my everyday walk, they enable me to fly like an eagle; they empower me to inspire the world with love.

He is everywhere in and around me. He is my life.

Life is indeed beautiful.